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Welcome to the Lair, the home of SnapDragon Monitoring Ltd

Your online brand guardian.

Who we are

We are a team of data analysts, linguists and brand managers helping small and medium-sized businesses tackle online sales of counterfeits. We use intellectual property to defend your brand on e-commerce websites across the world.

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The rise in counterfeiting and other online intellectual property infringement is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today.

Current global cost of counterfeiting is $1.7 trillion

Infringement of intellectual property rights harms the income of businesses. SnapDragon Monitoring is your first port of call in dealing with such issues – we use intellectual property rights to defend your brand online.

Counterfeit products are harmful and can even be fatal

In protecting your brand, we are also protecting your customers from purchasing suspect goods which, almost certainly, will not comply with the quality standards your own products achieve.

Snapdragon is your trusted brand guardian

We monitor, report, and remove infringing goods from the world’s most visited online marketplaces.


SnapDragon’s fully tailored online monitoring offer where our software detects counterfeits on online platforms and you do all the take-downs on all sites.


SnapDragon’s professional service where monitoring and take-down services are provided by us on a pay as you go service, enabling you to prioritise key sites for action.


SnapDragon’s full service offering, where monitoring and take-down services are provided by us on a regular and continual basis.

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