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About Us

Welcome to The Lair, home of SnapDragon Monitoring

We believe businesses, large and small, should be able to use their Registered IP to tackle online sellers of counterfeit goods through a system which delivers a sound return on investment, and time.

We are here to do just this. We are a team of tenacious, experienced, multi-lingual data analysts who know what it takes to defend a brand online.  We use intellectual property rights to defend your brand on e-commerce platforms across the world.

The rise in counterfeiting and other online intellectual property (IP) infringement is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today.

Our monitoring service is recognised as a comprehensive solution in finding and resolving instances of online IP infringement. For the cases in which legal action is required, we can call upon the worldwide network of IP attorneys and lawyers that we have established over the years (and we know them all, personally).

Brands build trust – but counterfeiting can destroy this. Join the businesses who trust us at the front line, of online brand protection.


Our Enforcement Success Rate
E-commerce Platforms Monitored
£+ billion
Value of Counterfeit Goods Removed
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Even as an SME, you can do something about counterfeits - we can help.

We help small and medium-sized enterprises protect their intellectual property and defend their brand online.