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Our Services

SnapDragon provides an affordable, results-orientated approach, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to exert control over their infringed intellectual property (IP), just as a multi-national business does, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our multilingual data analysts use proprietary software to monitor, report and remove infringing goods from the world’s 100 most visited online marketplaces, auction sites and social media sites, protecting our clients’ brands, revenue and most importantly, their customers.

We are an extension to your own team, but also work closely with your (or our) legal and IP partners to ensure a robust approach.

  • Firstly, we review the strength of your company’s registered IP. This is crucial to defending your brand on-line.
  • Secondly, our proprietary software and multilingual data analysts monitor and identify potential fraudulent use of your brand online, anywhere in the world.
  • Thirdly, having verified the findings with you, we report them (in a number of languages) to the e-commerce portals to ensure the links are removed. This is Working IP – your registered IP, such as trade-marks, design registrations and patents, defending your brand and protecting your customers. In protecting your brand, we are also protecting your customers from purchasing suspect goods which, almost certainly, will not comply with the quality standards your own products achieve.

Our Solutions


SnapDragon’s fully tailored online monitoring offer where our software detects counterfeits on online platforms and you do all the take-downs on all sites.


SnapDragon’s professional service where monitoring and take-down services are provided by us on a pay as you go service, enabling you to prioritise key sites for action.


SnapDragon’s full service offering, where monitoring and take-down services are provided by us on a regular and continual basis.